Please note that the early fixed odds displayed here are intended as a guide only. Odds shown are advance, early odds and are not live. They may be periodically updated but are likely to differ from the prices that are currently available. You should check with your preferred bookmaker for current, live prices.

10:25 Greyville – Win
Date: 2019-07-06 Each Way: 1/4 odds, 3 places.

Made In Hollywood SP, Varsity Lover SP, Diamond Noir SP, Runaway Gal SP, Lawdy Miss Clawdy SP, Township Melody SP, Making Waves SP, Bonnie Dawn SP, Jameson Girl SP, Boss Babe SP, Rocking Ruby SP, Accidental Tourist SP, Strawberry Wine SP, Gorgeous Guest SP, Ancient Spirit SP,

11:05 Greyville – Win
Each Way: 1/5 odds, 3 places.

Quinlan SP, Queen Of Alamo SP, Effortless Reward SP, Fives Wild SP, Bravo Zulu SP, Winter Blues SP, Singfonico SP, Ishnana SP, On That Boulevard SP, Basilius SP, Captain’s Girl SP, Filippo SP, Chantyman SP, Attenborough SP, Kissable SP,

11:50 Greyville – Win
Each Way: 1/4 odds, 3 places.

Charles SP, Bunker Hunt SP, Dark Moon Rising SP, Elusive Silva SP, Zillzaal SP, Captain And Master SP, The Dazzler SP, Run Red SP, Shenanigans SP, Bize SP, Ali Bon Dubai SP, Gimme One Night SP, Silver God SP, Top Classman SP,

12:35 Greyville – Win
Each Way: 1/5 odds, 3 places.

Paths Of Victory SP, Wonderous Climber SP, Multi Gold SP, Evolver SP, Major Return SP, Ballad Of The Sea SP, Strathdon SP, Walter Smoothie SP, Mangrove SP, Pacific Chestnut SP, Wealthy SP, Run Rhino Run SP, Warfarer SP, Sunshine Silk SP, Dynasty’s Blossom SP, Flichity By Farr SP,

1:25 Greyville – Win
Each Way: 1/5 odds, 3 places.

Singforafa SP, Vandah’s Spirit SP, Victoria Paige SP, Kayla’s Champ SP, Mawsool SP, Miss Florida SP, Cockney Pride SP, Cavivar SP, Rainbow Unicorn SP, Gabor SP, Hey Delilah SP, Ardenne SP, What You Are SP, Miss Honey SP, Roll In The Hay SP, Royal Lily SP, True To Life SP,

2:10 Greyville – Win
Each Way: 1/5 odds, 3 places.

Poinciana SP, Putontheredlight SP, Rock The Globe SP, Ad Altisima SP, Bouncing Tigger SP, Axios SP, Aqua Delta SP, Baby Lets Mambo SP, Captain Morgane SP, Cartel Captain SP, Eden Roc SP, Enjoy The View SP, Invidia SP, Justinian SP, King Of Tara SP, Loosen Your Tie SP, Master Of Illusion SP,

3:20 Greyville – Win
Each Way: 1/4 odds, 4 places.

Fresnaye SP, Zillzaal SP, Camphoratus SP, Miyabi Gold SP, Return Flight SP, Magnificent Seven SP, Doublemint SP, Roy Had Enough SP, Made To Conquer SP, Eyes Wide Open SP, Tilbury Fort SP, Divine Odyssey SP, Barahin SP, Lady In Black SP, Twist Of Fate SP, Legal Eagle SP, Hawwaam SP, Head Honcho SP, Rainbow Bridge SP, Do It Again SP,

4:30 Greyville – Win
Each Way: 1/4 odds, 3 places.

Sniper Shot SP, Thanksgiving SP, Marchingontogether SP, Tommy Grand SP, Luna Child SP, Captain Of Tortuga SP, Crown Towers SP, Silver Maple SP, Tristful SP, Regal Graduation SP, Q The Music SP, Mr Roy SP, Social Order SP, Infamous Fox SP,

5:10 Greyville – Win
Each Way: 1/5 odds, 3 places.

Front And Centre SP, Snowdance SP, Rose In Bloom SP, Al Danza SP, Elusive Heart SP, Roy’s Riviera SP, Desert Rhythm SP, Twice As Smart SP, Being Fabulous SP, Celtic Sea SP, Santa Clara SP, Temple Grafin SP, Vistula SP, Oh Susanna SP,

5:50 Greyville – Win
Each Way: 1/5 odds, 3 places.

Baby Shooz SP, African Warrior SP, Kaydens Pride SP, Look To The Sky SP, Syx Shooter SP, Winter Sun SP, Enterthedebutante SP, Smiley Kylie SP, Scarborough Fair SP, Sapphire Rock SP, Purple Persuasion SP, El’ Zara SP, Brandina SP, We Light The Fire SP, Wave SP, Master Jay SP, Hooves Of Troy SP,

6:30 Greyville – Win
Each Way: 1/5 odds, 3 places.

Van Halen SP, Coldhardcash SP, Ultra Boost SP, Hey Boy SP, Sugoi SP, Buckleberry SP, Mythical Bolt SP, Affranchi SP, Crown And Country SP, Goliath Heron SP, Exclusive Quantity SP, Desolate Road SP, Mighty High SP,

7:10 Greyville – Win
Each Way: 1/4 odds, 3 places.

Mr Greenlight SP, Rip It Up SP, Marchetto SP, Duke Of Spin SP, Di Mazzio SP, Priceless Ruler SP, Kapen Pride SP, Shogun SP, Epic Dream SP, Ancestry SP, Red Shift SP, Stream Ahead SP, Collabro SP, Polar Ice SP, Graduate SP,