In 2013, we started a website covering horse racing from South America. Specifically, we followed the new SIS coverage of meetings from Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. We chose these meetings because they had become part of the main racing broadcast, as shown in UK bookmakers and online during the evenings. As there were no English language websites specifically catering for these markets at the time, we set up to fill the void.

HRSA rapidly grew in popularity, thanks largely to the daily selections posts which became renowned for producing regular winners at attractive odds. Following our successful punt on a horse called Mount Nelson that scored for our followers at the incredible odds of 100/1, we also attracted the attention of bookmakers. To this day, you will still see Paddy Power shorten the odds of many of the selections we post on our daily free tips page. However, we continue to strive to stay one step ahead and find the value selections for our supporters.

Value is key. There will always be winners and losers, our aim is to try to find runners with solid winning claims that are available at odds that are greater than the likelihood of a win. Bookmakers make mistakes or more accurately poor guesses and we try to spot and exploit them. However, we make no wild claims about guaranteed profits or strike rates. We believe betting is for fun and we try to produce selections that will win with reasonable regularity at decent prices and help make the betting experience that bit more enjoyable. Above all, we support responsible gambling and always advise that players should never bet more than they can afford to lose.

We employed these same principles to create and our other sister site, which focuses on horse racing from Hong Kong, Singapore and Macau. It could well be that we never achieve the same level of success that we have achieved in South America but that would be our long term goal.

Horse racing is our passion and we also manage the Google Plus Horse Racing Community.